5 Reasons to Get Your Kids to Eat More Nuts

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January 31, 2023

Nuts are a superfood, rich in so many healthy nutrients. There are a whole lot of reasons everyone should eat them. Parents are constantly looking for ways to ensure and improve their children's health, and including more nuts in their diet is an excellent way to achieve that. Here are five reasons to get your kids to eat more nuts. By making sure they get used to eating nuts on a regular basis, you will help them develop healthy habits that will benefit their health in their adult life as well. 


They improve one's gut health

The proper functioning of a digestive system is vital on many levels. First of all, it has been found to directly affect the immune system. All that your body needs (except for air) must go through the processing phase in the gut. Therefore, it is only natural that gut health is a crucial factor that affects all other organs and systems in the human body. 

Fiber is arguably the most important for boosting and maintaining a person's gut health. This applies to children as well. With their delicate psychological makeup, it is tough for them to handle the adverse effects of poor functioning of the digestive system. Luckily, fiber is easy to incorporate into your kid's diet; that is where nuts come in. Nuts are full of fiber. Instead of having them nibble on some unhealthy snacks, offer them a selection of nuts to share with their friends. That way, you will be helping both them and their friends have a healthier tummy.


Nuts can help keep your kid's weight in the right range

Chubby kids look adorable to most, but being overweight is a severe health problem. It should never be taken lightly, as it can permanently hinder the functioning of many organs. The main culprits of child obesity are sweets and unhealthy snacks. You can replace chocolates and candy with sweet fruit such as bananas, oranges, or cherries, for example. As for snacks, nuts are a perfect replacement. They are small, tasty, and easy to incorporate in various situations. When you are traveling, for example, you can prepare some snacks for the road so the kids can nibble on them. Moving day with kids is always a bit unpredictable, making them nervous and more interested in snacking. Offer them nuts - they will love them, and you won't have to feel guilty for letting them snack on something that isn't good for them. By getting your kids to eat more nuts, you can actually help them create healthy habits.  

Nuts are a great source of energy, and their fats are good for the body. Even though they are full of calories, scientific research shows that consuming nuts helps with weight loss. One of the reasons for that is their hunger-curbing ability. Also, when you eat whole nuts, your body can't absorb all the fats from them; it simply delivers them out. All of that proves why you should opt for nuts the next time your child complains they are hungry right after a meal. 


 Ribbed potato chips in close-up.

You should get your kids to eat more nuts instead of unhealthy snacks to keep their weight in the right range.

Eating more nuts reduces the risk of diabetes

In the past decade, many studies have focused on reducing and managing type 2 diabetes. Several have found the benefits of consuming nuts for this dangerous disease. First of all, eating nuts reduces the risk of developing diabetes because of their specific content. Those that already suffer from diabetes should still opt for a daily serving of nuts because they can reduce diabetes-related complications in both children and adults. The nuts' cardioprotective nature is the reason for it, as they reduce the biomarkers of risk factors related to diabetic complications. Developing this serious illness depends on many factors, of which genetics and eating habits are among the dominant ones. If you have diabetics in the family, getting your kids accustomed to a healthy diet that includes nuts is essential for their future and could even save their life.  


The word “diabetes”, spelled with candy.

Introducing more nuts into your kid’s diet reduces their risk of developing diabetes.

Get your kids to eat more nuts to breathe more easily

Parents are all too familiar with the countless issues a child encounters with mucus and not-so-clear airways. The irritating phlegm forms due to inflammation which the consumption of nuts can help you keep at bay. Nuts contain oils that can easily help your child through the allergy season. One of the adverse effects of allergens is mucus buildup in the lungs, which can sometimes cause a bacterial infection. But just introducing more nuts into your child's diet can make a difference in this common issue in children. 

 A child blowing her nose, the instance of which can be made to happen less often if you get your kids to eat more nuts.

The mucus buildup that is common when a child is sick can be reduced with regular consumption of nuts.

They are rich in vitamin E

Vitamin E may not be as popular as its more famous brother, vitamin C, but when a kid lacks it, they can experience serious problems. Vitamin E deficiency can manifest as problems with vision, issues with controlling body movements, and loss of feeling in limbs. Although many supplements can solve this health issue, it is always best to try and address a vitamin or any other nutritional deficiency via food intake. Nuts are packed with vitamin E. Nuts contain many helpful and not so many harmful substances, which is why they are considered a superfood. Regularly consuming this food group will give your child a better chance of avoiding the abovementioned problems without resorting to artificial sources such as pills. 


Bottom line

As you can see, there are many benefits if you get your kids to eat more nuts, as they can help ward off some of the most serious health issues. Laying good foundations regarding health and eating habits at a young age will increase your child's chances of being a healthier adult. Conveniently, nuts are tasty, and once your kid gets used to their particular flavors, it will be pretty easy to get them to eat them daily.