About us

How it all started...

I started Nuts ‘N More 8 years ago.

I was actively training as a fitness enthusiast and runner, and found myself with a highly regimented diet.  I have always been someone who loved food, but due to my fitness training and diet, I no longer looked forward to eating.  I grew up in Providence RI where my family owned a small bakery turning out amazing tasting treats.  Spending time at home only made me crave the cookies, cakes and bars I couldn’t eat even more, and left me feeling bad for depriving myself of the food that I love to eat.

I dreaded the thought of eating another protein bar or drinking another shake, and searched for better tasting alternatives for getting more protein into my diet.  My way of coping at the time was to eat a spoonful of nut butter for dessert, but it still left me feeling unsatisfied.

That’s when I had the ah-ha moment of creating a protein packed peanut butter that tasted truly amazing.  I quickly started testing recipes in my family’s bakery, designing some creative and great tasting flavors.  My friends and family couldn’t get enough.  Later that year we created the first high protein nut butter spread and launched in market!

With my desire to bring the product to more fitness enthusiasts who love food, I wrote a email to Shark Tank and appeared on the show in 2013 where we successfully raised money from investors Mark Cuban and Robert Herjavec.  This helped us expand quickly and successfully.  Over time and with much work, we have become one of the biggest success stories from Shark Tank!

We are incredibly excited about the opportunity to continue to launch Nuts ‘N More with more customers, and introduce more consumers to our amazing tasting high-protein spreads.

Peter Ferreira / Founder & CEO