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4 Amazing Benefits of Nut Butter from a Registered Dietitian

4 Amazing Benefits of Nut Butter from a Registered Dietitian

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March 05, 2021

Nut butter packs a nutritional punch that yields several health benefits that you do not want to skip out on! Much like our colorful fruits and veggies any nut butter offers great nutrition! It doesn’t matter if it’s almond butter or peanut butter. Nuts contain several key nutrients like magnesium, zinc, copper, iron, and potassium and B vitamins.

  1. Heart healthy fats!

Both peanut butter and almond butter contain heart-healthy monounsaturated fats and antioxidants like vitamin E. Vitamin E helps stop the buildup of plaque in your arteries which can help reduce risk for heart attack. Although almond butter contains slightly more monounsaturated fat than peanut butter, they are both a great option for heart health. Monounsaturated fat is associated with a reduced risk for heart disease and better blood glucose control (1).


  1. Convenient, tasty, and healthy snack!

Nut butter provides healthy fat, protein and even minerals for muscles and strong bones. Whether you are an athlete, mom on the go or professional in the office you can stay satisfied and fueled with nut butter pouches. Pair your favorite almond butter or peanut butter flavor with apple slices, banana, celery sticks, overnight oat recipe or even drizzle on your favorite yogurt parfait! Personally, my favorite Nuts ’N More flavor is the salted caramel with apple slices. Nuts ’N More also offers more protein per serving than your traditional peanut butter. RD approved snack!

  1. Say goodbye to hunger

Nut butter is packed with healthy fats, protein, and nutrients to keep you satisfied between meals or as a dessert. Studies show peanuts keep you satisfied for longer periods of time. A study reported in the British Journal of Nutrition that peanuts can help with appetite in obese women or those with type 2 diabetes. By controlling our hunger, you can help control your appetite and avoid overeating at meals! Enjoy nut butter on whole-grain toast or to your favorite Greek yogurt with some berries to support weight loss or weight management.

Keep in mind, two tablespoons is one serving.

  1. Exercise recovery

Nut butters are rich in potassium and magnesium while offering protein as well. Potassium is key for blood pressure management, muscle health, fighting off cramps and overall muscle pain and recovery following tough workouts according to the American College of Sports Medicine. Nut butter also contains tryptophan which is a precursor for serotonin and melatonin which can help support quality sleep. A great nighttime snack 60-min before bed paired with some cottage cheese.


Overall, nut butters provide healthy fats, fiber and some protein along with minerals. These tasty nut butters provide some real benefits without all the added sugar. Just keep in mind that you just need to make sure you’re portioning appropriately to maintain proper balance of nutrition for a healthy lifestyle!



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