Know More. Do More. (Why do we use Palm Oil?)

The Spread

January 18, 2021

Why does Nuts ‘N More Use Palm Oil In Some of its Products?

Palm Oil is like a miracle ingredient. A small amount can transform a nut butter from an oily mess requiring awkward stirring into a smooth and spreadable delight. As it turns out it is the best and healthiest option on many levels. After years of experimentation and formulation we have concluded that a little bit of palm oil assures that Nuts ‘N More will be the smoothest, most delicious peanut spread you’ve ever tasted. It makes our pumped-up protein peanut butter so good you’ll want to eat it right off the spoon. And with no messy oil separation, its ready to ‘N Joy the second you open the jar.


The “Goods” on Palm Oil

Regardless of what you may have heard, Palm Oil itself, is not the bad guy. In fact, compared to other alternative oils, palm oil is pretty impressive. It doesn’t require the pesticides and chemical fertilizers needed to produce coconut, corn or other vegetable oils. It has 2/3 higher yield per acre than any other oil, which means it requires a much smaller footprint—soybeans would require ten times the land that palm oil needs! And it’s one of the healthier oils, packed with phytonutrients and anti-oxidants. It is higher than any other oil in both tocopherols and tocotrienols, the two natural forms of vitamin E shown to be helpful for bone, eye, cardiovascular and neurological disease as well as reducing inflammation and even protecting against radiation damage. Palm Oil even plays a useful role in medicines increasing both absorption and stability. 


The problem is not the Palm, but where the Palm is planted. While palm is native to Africa, Malaysia and Indonesia now produce 85 % of the world’s supply. And here’s where palm oil production gets slippery. Clearing the land for plantations in Sumatra and Borneo requires burning through rain-forests, resulting in the deforestation of the natural habitat of the world’s population of Orangutans and many other species. It also wreaks havoc on the rain-forest eco system. It is because of palm oil’s many benefits that it is growing more popular by the day—good news for consumers, bad news for the Orangutans and the environment. 


Help Us Spread The Word… 

All of us at Nuts ‘N More know that It doesn’t take much to DO MORE. The palm oil we use in our products is certified “deforestation free” and comes from sustainable sources that help local farmers and economies grow. No orangutans have been harmed in the making of our products.

You can DO MORE too by checking the labels of every product you buy to make sure that any palm oil contained has been verified by a legitimate palm oil watchdog organization. Email manufactures and demand to know where their palm oil comes from. And keep pressuring companies that are not engaging in responsible sourcing. Palm oil is in more than 50% of all grocery and cosmetic products, and it’s usage is growing. You’ll find palm oil in literally thousands and thousands of items we all consume every day, including natural products of all description. So, your choices can and will make a difference.

Join us in our effort to support and bring attention to THEORANGUTANPROJECT.ORG 
An organization working to help save displaced orangutans and repopulate and protect their remaining habitats