What makes people nuts for nuts as alternative dairy products?

The Spread

November 01, 2022

By now, you already know that we are nuts for nuts. But, can our little healthy fellas compete against the milkshake? Do we have nutty formulations that are good enough to proudly carry the name of alternative dairy products? Nuts have emerged as a key element in this expanding market and are now a source of inspiration for new products across the board. In this piece, we will analyze the development of this market and identify the top-performing nuts.

Alternative Dairy Products - Nutty Formulations

Avoiding dairy allergy, wanting goods with fewer ingredients, being compatible with vegetarian, vegan, and flexitarian diets, and caring about the environment and animals are just a few of the reasons why dairy replacements have become more popular.

Market demand for these categories, which include anything from drinks to ice creams, cheeses, creams, and frozen desserts, has been strengthened significantly by all of these factors. Demand for almond milk, which has several health advantages, will surely increase, which will help the industry expand.

Non-dairy milk substitutes - are they the real deal?

The issue for the business that creates these alternatives is providing customers with the same flavor and texture sensations as traditional dairy products. That is why it is important to find alternatives to milk, like almond paste, that mimic its creamy consistency and flavor.


The biggest challenge of alternative dairy products is mimicking consistency and structure.


What matters in the production process?

Almonds and walnuts are two of the most often utilized nuts in the creation of such items because of their comparable organoleptic properties and their capacity to add textures and meatiness to the original products. You can find them anywhere - from your local shop to our online shop. And it is to be expected; these nuts can do everything!


Their majesties - almonds

In the production of lactose-free goods, almonds are among the most sought-after components. Almond milk is one plant-based milk that can have the most similar taste and consistency to real dairy products. You may play with the texture and flavor by using different almond forms. 

Almonds are a great addition to cold-pressed juices and coffee, and almond-based vegetable beverages are equally adaptable. Also, you can use them to add new flavors and hints to bottled coffee drinks and shakes.


almond milk in a large jug

There’s a reason everyone loves almond milk.


The benefits of almond milk

One of humankind's first drinks was made from almonds and is still used today. In reality, it has been around for quite some time - from the 13th century, to be exact. Demand is rising throughout the globe at the moment, mainly because of the popularity of vegetarian and vegan diets.

Due to the popularity of veggie products, the dairy alternatives goods business has dived headfirst into developing new product lines to fulfill these new customer profiles. It is worth mentioning that almond milk formulations may have some of the lowest fat and sugar concentrations among all plant-based alternatives and regular milk, which is especially important for younger generations. But also, older people with an increased risk of cardiovascular disease can benefit greatly from it.


We all scream for ice cream

The flavor remains the primary motivator for ice cream buyers. Still, new lactose-free formulas, low-sugar protein-rich choices, and plant-based alternatives that highlight the producers' ethical and environmental efforts are gaining traction. A lot of fitness trainers suggest this as an alternative to conventional ice cream. However, it is important to note that even though the calories are a lot less in number, they are never zero. So, it is essential to take care of portion control, as always. Make sure to eat other types of food enough to feel full, and then eat a bit of ice cream made with almond milk.

Consumers want these items to have the same consistency as conventional ice creams. It is obtained by using almond paste, and because of its mild flavor, it pairs nicely with sweeter components like toffee and graham cracker crumbs in various baked goods.

We are all nuts for walnuts

In recent years, walnuts have risen to prominence as a key component of several plant-based dairy substitutes. Because of their unique flavor, they also stand out as a source of Omega 3 ALA, which has recently been linked to a variety of health advantages for the general public.

In terms of texture, walnuts are ideal, falling somewhere in the middle between firm and soft. Additionally, these nuts provide texture and crunch to yogurts and vegan ice creams, as well as the tastiest nutty protein shakes. This improves both their taste and nutritional value, and you can use them as a replacement for dairy products.


These are not the only nutty formulations

Even while almonds and walnuts tend to take center stage among lactose-free options, they are not alone. Nut-based formulations have progressively gained traction in the past several years, particularly those using:

  • cashews
  • hazelnuts
  • peanuts

Almond and cashew milk are only two examples of nut milk that blend two distinct nuts from a prominent multinational brand.


Are they any good for your health?

Nutty formulations are low in fat and sugar on the one side and high in protein on the other. That means that they are way better for cardiovascular health than dairy products. Also, they are good for building skeletal muscle mass. In addition, as we grow up, our bodies tend to lose the enzyme called lactase, which breaks down lactose - the main ingredient of all dairy products. That is why many people are lactose intolerant, and for those people, having nutty formulations as alternatives is crucial for enjoying the milk.


A grandma and a granddaughter eating

Nutty formulations are healthy for both older and younger generations.

Final thoughts

Alternative dairy products are expanding on the market. And with good reason. Nutty formulations are healthy and tasty. Even if you like dairy products and do not want to give them up, nut-based products can be a great addition to your every diet! We sincerely recommend that you try out using some of these diary substitutions for yourself. It will be a fun and rewarding journey.