Food Safety - Nut Butters

We believe everybody deserves safe nut butter every time they sit down to eat, whether with their family for enjoying a peanut butter and jelly sandwich or on the go from the gym to the office. Food safety is at the core of everything we do at Nuts 'N More, and it’s fundamental to our success. We define food safety as protecting our people at every step of the supply chain from illness or injury due to handling or consuming our products. We take a comprehensive, science- and risk-based approach to food safety in our policies, operations and supply chains. Every day, we strive to continuously improve.

Our core operating principles

Leadership: Producing the safest nut butters possible is absolutely critical to the ongoing success of our business. But we can’t do it alone. That’s why we strive to align with a broad network of partners in the work of advancing food safety, including customers, regulators and the public.

Transparency: We work with others across the public and private sectors to address food safety issues and to establish standards and policies that improve the overall supply chain and build trust with consumers.

Food safety culture: We believe all employees are responsible for contributing to the success of our food safety system. We empower our teams to bring forward ideas that could improve our efforts and to take action when the have a concern or see an issue that may compromise food safety. At Nuts 'N More, food safety is everyone’s job.

Accountability: We hold ourselves to account when it comes to fully implementing and continuously improving our food safety approach. We monitor all our facility continually, and we act swiftly to address any food safety issue within our supply chains. We are committed to advancing our own system through ongoing pathogen and allergen science research, new food technologies and improved processes.