5 Powerful Health Benefits of Almonds for Women

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July 07, 2022

Almonds are, without a doubt, superfoods. They're packed with nutrients and powerful proteins every person needs. And, it's true what they say about almonds: that you should eat a few daily due to their numerous benefits. Whether you eat them whole, diced, sliced, or crushed into almond flour or almond butter, you're guaranteed to feel the results. If you don't believe us, here are five powerful health benefits of almonds for women supported by science, along with a few easy methods to use in meals, snacks, and desserts.


#1: Almonds Can Assist Healthy Brain Function

Due to their high levels of riboflavin and L-carnitine, almonds are one of the most popular foods that benefit the brain. These two chemicals lessen inflammatory processes in the brain and maintain healthy neurological function, preventing cognitive decline. Almond consumption on a daily basis or at least several times per week should become a habit for older women and those at high risk of acquiring cognitive illnesses like dementia and Alzheimer's disease. If you fall in this category, you should know that it doesn't matter if you eat raw almonds or use them for a protein-rich snack during the day. What matters is that you consume almonds from time to time and enjoy mind-challenging games to keep your brain functioning properly.


#2: They Can Help Gut Health

Almonds function as prebiotics, which are nutrients for the good bacteria in the stomach associated with immunity, anti-inflammation, and mental wellness. No wonder they call them superfoods; without these probiotics, your digestive system might have a lot of issues, and you could become ill with various conditions. Almonds stop this because they increase the number of healthy microorganisms in your body. That way, they shield you against illnesses and nutritional deficits.

According to studies on this subject, probiotics found in almonds and their skins help the gut flora produce health advantages. Moreover, separate studies showed that women who consumed 56 grams of almonds per day for eight weeks increased the number of beneficial gut bacteria.

Close-up of almonds inside a bag.

Eating almonds every day can have, among other benefits, a significant impact on your gut health.


#3: They Can Prevent Cardiovascular Issues

In several ways, almonds safeguard your heart. These nuts decrease "bad" LDL levels while maintaining or raising "good" HDL cholesterol, which protects the heart. Almonds and other nuts also assist in lowering blood pressure and enhancing vascular performance. This results in improved blood vessel relaxation and decreases artery stiffness. Finally, the high concentration of health-promoting compounds in almonds, particularly the antioxidant flavonoids, a plant component found in almond skin, lowers the risk of developing cardiovascular illnesses and suffering a heart attack.

In addition, almonds are a great source of nutrients for your heart, including magnesium, calcium, potassium, copper, manganese, and arginine, which strengthen the circulatory system. 


#4: Almonds Can Improve The Skin Health

Want to have beautiful, healthy skin? Eat almonds! Vitamin E and antioxidants found in almonds combat free radicals and decrease inflammation to keep your skin looking young and healthy. Moreover, almonds are rich in antioxidants, including epicatechin, catechin, and kaempferol. All of these can help protect your skin from UV radiation, pollution, and a bad diet. These chemicals combat and avert skin cancer because they are potent antioxidants. Almonds are a powerful ally in the battle against aging and malnourished skin because of all these factors.


#5: Eating Almonds Can Help You Lose Weight

Eating tree nuts such as almonds can lower your waist measurements and body mass index. Almonds' combination of fiber, plant protein, and healthy fats makes them satiating, increases sensations of fullness, and prevents the recurrence of hunger. Additionally, according to more recent studies, almonds have roughly 20% fewer calories than what is listed on the label. This is because some calories do not enter the circulation after passing through the digestive system.

If you want to keep your diet balanced and still lose a few pounds, incorporating almonds into your diet is a fantastic way to achieve it. Of course, you'll have to care about what you eat and stay active throughout this process. It will be worth it in the end.


 Close-up of a fruit bowl with some almonds on top.

You can make a perfectly balanced snack or meal by combining almonds with other foods, such as fruits.


Bonus: Additional Benefits Of Consuming Almonds

When it comes to the health benefits of almonds for women, we're not remotely done. In addition to these five biggest benefits, there are also other benefits, just as important to some people:

  • They're great for your teeth and bones. Almonds include magnesium, calcium, and phosphorus, all vital for maintaining strong, healthy bones and teeth. Almond intake reduces bone fractures and osteoporosis, but the delicious nuts also guard against tooth rot.
  • They're full of fiber. You receive a decent quantity of fiber when you eat almonds as a snack. This is because 12 and 15 percent of an almond's weight contains fiber. However, since almonds may be a calorie-dense snack, they shouldn't be your only source of fiber.


How Many Almonds Should You Eat Every Day?

Almonds contain a lot of calories. To properly incorporate almonds into your diet, you must balance your entire caloric intake. The safe daily intake is six to eight almonds, according to dietitians. You can eat them raw, by themselves, or incorporate them into a meal. You can blend almond butter into a smoothie, drizzle it over oats, or use them in a fruit cup. Even almonds you've soaked overnight are delicious and just as nutritious as raw almonds. However, it would be best if you avoided salted and fried almonds.


A plate of raisins and nuts next to a laptop.

Since almonds constrain many calories, you shouldn't eat them separately for a whole meal, just as an addition or a snack.


In Conclusion

As you see, almonds are potent nutrients, and there are plenty of health benefits of almonds for women. To ensure your body stays healthy and functions properly, you should incorporate almonds into your diet. However, keep in mind that there are limitations when it comes to consumption. The key to a balanced diet is avoiding overstuffing with a single food. Instead, it would help if you always enjoyed a variety of options.